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Vaughan Palelei

Vaughan Palelei: Experienced digital marketer, strategist and technology innovator with a focus on merging mobile, social media, web, e-commerce, moble-wallet and location technologies to create holistic, online eco-systems.

Vaughan Palelei: Digital Strategist, mobile marketer and technology innovator with a focus on merging mobile, social media, web, e-commerce, mobile wallet and location technologies to create holistic, online marketing eco-systems.

With a background of over 20 years in the Hospitality and Marketing industries, Vaughan spent the last 10 years as a consultant doing corporate turnarounds, concept development, operations and marketing for Bars, Nightclubs and Restaurants through implementing low-cost, high-impact marketing (old media and new media) and air-tight operational controls. Vaughan also has extensive experience as an Expert Witness for hospitality security, operations and marketing.

Vaughan's focus on hospitality morphed into technology as the co-founder of Touch Taste Technologies Inc (acquired in 2010 by Nervana Group) An early pioneer of interactive touchscreen tables, mobile menu ordering and iPad menu integration, Touch Taste Technologies developed the award winning "TouchLife" customer-facing hospitality technology.

Vaughan currently works as a Hospitality Technology Consultant providing direction and strategy on the interpretation and integration of hospitality driven technologies, web development, mobile technology, social media, and online marketing.

Throughout his career, Vaughan has immersed himself deep into website development, mobile marketing, SEO, Social Media and digital marketing strategy and has integrated these tools into his client's online marketing agendas with considerable success.

In 2011 Vaughan co-developed Loyalti - a mobile wallet technology that converts giftcards into mobile wallet money.

In 2012 Vaughan began development of Vidgeo, a patent-pending geo-social mobile app that connects people based on likes and location with a built-in CPE ad model. Beta release is scheduled for Spring 2013.

Vaughan Palelei's Background

Vaughan Palelei's Experience

Co-Founder at Touch Taste Technologies

December 2008 - December 2010

Vaughan was one of the original founders of Chicago based Touch Taste Technology Inc (T3). This ground breaking, award wining technology company delivered interactive service products to the Nightlife, Entertainment and Food and Beverage Industries including mobile ordering, iPad menu's, touchscreen tables and touchscreen iWalls. (T3) combined state-of-the-art touch interaction with a comprehensive inside knowledge of the Nightlife and Hospitality industry's and undertook the task of embedding interactive service, Cost Per Engagement advertising, and entertainment technology directly into the point of sale. The result was a stunning interactive touch-screen technology called "TouchLife" T3 was acquired by Nervana Group in 2010

Branding and Marketing Evangelist at Touchlife

July 2008 - December 2010

What started as an R&D program to promote interactive touch-based media advertising options to Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs for the Touch Taste Technology (T3) Network soon became an ongoing online marketing and PR campaign . Wrote press releases, liaised with Web, Print and TV media to create buzz for the interactive tables,iPhone and iPad ordering and holographic iWall display. Drove grass roots online and social campaign to attract marquee clients. Developed algorithm for brands to interpret new CPE (Cost Per Engagement) metrics while the rest of the world was still hung up on CPM. Developed cross platform strategies to evangelize the on-premise CPE to retail conversion model.

Consultant at Touch iBar

October 2009 - April 2010

Vaughan oversaw the project to launch a one-of-a-kind lounge bar using state of the art, interactive touchscreen technology by Touch Taste Technologies (T3) Took a small, failing bar and re-concepted, relaunched the location as "Touch" iBar. Vaughan worked with T3 on integrating point-of-sale functionality, consumer-to-venue online interaction, point-of-sale influence for brands and managed the largest online database in the world. Created incredible media buzz including features on *NBC *CLTV *ABC *Comcast *Chicago Tribune *Redeye *Timeout T3 went on to win at the prestigious Chicago Innovation Awards due in to small part to the media attention generated by "Touch" IBar. The concept has since been duplicated in Orlando, Florida with the launch of the hugely successful 'Touch Orlando" with several other development groups from around the world looking to launch the concept

Founder at

November 2007 - January 2009

Fighter 4 Life was a program founded and supported by MMA (Mixed martial arts) fighters and fans dedicated to educating people on the holistic treatments and integrative lifestyle techniques that have helped save the lives of thousands of cancer sufferers.

President at Island Development Group

October 2007 - October 2008

IDG is developing America's first "green powered" entertainment center in Aurora, Illinois, powered entirely by Photovoltaic Solar and Wind energy sources.

Consultant at Coyote Ugly Saloon Chicago

March 2004 - January 2007

Hired as a consultant to tighten operations. Tripled revenue in six months. Cut cost's by 24%. Increased net to 19%. Began innovative grass-roots marketing campaign that continued to drive traffic to the venue long after the contract expired. Contract was extended several times and eventually ran for 30 months. Increased annual revenue from 1MM to 3MM.

Consultant at PS Chicago

September 2006 - December 2006

Reviewed and consulted on Security and Operations.

CEO at Guerilla Marketing USA

July 2002 - December 2006

Founded GMUSA, a Hospitality Marketing and Development company involved in pioneering specialty grass-roots and viral "word of mouth" marketing campaigns. Promoted large scale events such as "Bar Wars" and several New Years Eve events

Consultant at Badabing Restarant and Lounge

October 2003 - December 2003

Hired as a consultant to implement operational and promotional initiatives.

Consultant at Swank Nightclub

January 2003 - October 2003

Hired as a consultant but moved to position as interim General Manager of the restaurant. Increased annual revs to 1.6MM from 800k.

Member at Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club

May 1995 - December 2000

General Manager at Mint Nightclub

May 1998 - January 2000

Hired as Security manager and promoted to General Manager within six months. In the course of one year, increased annual revenues from 3MM to 3.8MM. Ran a staff of 50.

Head Security at Shelter Nightclub

1994 - 1998

Shelter will live on to be the best club Chicago has ever seen. The atmosphere and music were like no other. The dark maze-like halls, projection screens, different rooms with different music styles, slammin house music, cool bouncers (props to Vaughn and Oscar) and club kids made this place hard to forget. I remember many a late night dancing in a daze, staring up at the crystal chandeliers in the VIP room. It is greatly missed- I think I speak for many when I say thanks for the memories!!!! The clubs of today have lost touch with what made this place so great! - glamV, 05/26/2006

CEO at myLOYALTi Pty Ltd

January 2011

MyLoyalti PTY LTD are the developers of the MyLoyalti system, a "Card to QR" mobile wallet payment platform set to compete with Paypal and Credit Cards for mobile payments. Using their proprietary business intelligence process for mobile wallet platforms, MyLoyalti converts unused - and many times unwanted - gift cards and loyalty cards into mobile wallet "money" that can be redeemed at retailers.

Partner at The DTX Group

January 2004

The DTX Group is a highly specialized group of Nightlife Developers, Operators and Innovators involved in the development, marketing and operation of Nightlife and Entertainment venues including Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Lounges and Breweries. Combined experience of the DTX principals is over 45 years in the Hospitality industry and includes work with Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino, Coyote Ugly Saloon, Men's Club and PS Chicago as well as notable clients such as Playboy, WWE and Hawaiian Tropics. Since 2010, in his role with DTX, Vaughan has focused on helping clients with the interpretation and integration of hospitality driven technologies for the Food and Beverage industry. Acting as a a "Technology General Contractor for Bars" Vaughan was an early pioneer of integrating customer facing touchscreen technology such as touchtables and Wall's as well as one of the original mobile device ordering pioneers as the co-founder of the Touchlife brand. Integrating technology into a Food and Beverage operation can be bewildering. As operators with over 50 years in the business, the principals of DTX have a unique industry insider's perspective of working with the latest technologies. When working with clients they makes it an integral part of their agenda to create a seamless, simple to understand process of integration for their clients to help them manage their understanding, and their expectations of the technology they will be embracing.

Digital Marketing Strategist, Web Designer, SEO Specialist, Mobile Marketer at Webology & WEB250

January 2009

Developed more than 100 websites using CMS Applications such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and ye old faithful Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS/HTML, digging deep into HTML5, PHP, mySQL. Designed with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 and online editing tools Pixlr,Photoscape and even Microsoft Powerpoint. Uses CRM platforms Salesforce, Base CRM, Hirise, Basecamp, and Marketo Slaves over Online Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, ClickEquations, Unbounce, Google, Safari and Bing Webmaster Tools Knee deep in integrating Social Media Marketing tools such as Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetsuite, Media Funnel, Outlet, Direct Message Lab Integrates Mobile Marketing tools and techniques using Constant Contact, Trumpia, MailChimp Specializes in Mobile marketing, Social Media marketing, Ecommerce, strategic planning, A/B (split) and multivariate testing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), pay per engagement marketing (ppe) paid search marketing (ppc), search engine optimization (SEO), interactive, online marketing, social media website integration, web analytics, customer acquisition, customer retention, growth hacking, display media, retargeting, landing page optimization.

Founder at VidGeo Inc

May 2011

Vidgeo is a geo-social network based on users finding others with similar tastes, preferences, likes and interests within a specific geographical location. Vidgeo is currently under development by Myloyalti Pty Ltd and is expected to be completed by 2013.

Vaughan Palelei's Interests & Activities

Augmented Reality, geo-spatial technology, Digital engagement, Rugby, guitar.

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